Writing quality SEO content is a vital element of any digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re an independent writer or part of the staff writing team for your company, it’s imperative that your work is thoroughly researched, organized, and optimized for search engines.

Thankfully, there are a variety of tools available that can assist with research and writing tasks. We’ve compiled this list of some of the top content writing tools for SEO success.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is an incredible keyword research tool that utilizes auto-completion data from Google and Bing to help you uncover keywords and questions consumers are asking about a certain topic. With this type of data, you can improve content marketing efforts as well as get listed on Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

Answer the Public offers three free searches per day. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide keyword metrics (like competition, CPC or difficulty), so if you plan to use it regularly for content writing tasks then considering upgrading to a Pro Plan would be beneficial.

Answer the Public’s paid version costs $99 a month with an upfront payment, but it comes with some great features. For instance, it provides an education package that includes both video masterclasses and eBook training guides.

Consider purchasing an annual pro plan and save 20% on the subscription cost. This can be a substantial savings for content marketers, however it’s essential to remember that the pro plan includes all of the same features as the monthly one and requires an upfront payment.

Answer the Public offers a great feature with its data tab, where you can view all your results in tree image format for easier working with than regular reports. However, please be aware that this tree image may not be 100% accurate so use it as an approximate guide when choosing which keywords to target.

Content marketers and bloggers who need to generate hundreds of ideas for their next blog post or long-term content strategy must-have this tool. It’s user friendly, fast, and can help fill your content marketing strategy with a diverse range of topics.


Hemingway is an online writing app designed to assist content marketers and SEO writers create high-quality articles that are easy to read. The app analyses your text and offers suggestions on improving it, plus it has several time saving features like saving multiple drafts and integration with popular writing and publishing platforms.

Save time and ensure your content is free from errors, which can help boost conversions and build trust with your audience. Its real-time error detection makes it simple to identify and correct any mistakes as you write, saving valuable moments for editing and proofreading.

The Hemingway Editor primarily focuses on improving readability of your writing. It flags words that are difficult to comprehend and provides alternatives. Furthermore, it offers tips for improving grammar and sentence structure.

One of its most useful features is an automated readability index that calculates your writing’s grade level and scores its readability score. Given that most Americans have a 10th-grade reading level, this grading system helps guarantee your material is accessible to most readers.

Another helpful feature of the Hemingway Editor is its passive voice check. Passive voice is a common writing mistake that can distract readers and dilute your point. The Hemingway app will highlight areas in your work where passive voice may be employed, offering suggestions for replacing it with active voice.

The Hemingway Editor will also highlight complex words and phrases, long sentences, and adverbs with different colors. It can also suggest simpler alternative words or phrases to make your writing easier to comprehend.


Clearscope is a content writing and search engine optimization (SEO) tool that makes it simple to optimize content and rank it on Google. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with human editors, its software generates an insightful report that ranks your material, plus offers topic suggestions.

Features of this keyword research tool, competitor analysis, content briefs and content editor are just the start. Plus it includes free training and priority support with every plan purchased.

This keyword research tool allows users to search by keyword or URL and view data for the top 30 competitors. Additionally, it displays keyword search volume and costs-per-click.

This data can assist you in deciding if it’s worth targeting a particular term and whether it will be beneficial for your business. Furthermore, it shows search trends over an 18-month period.

Once you enter a keyword, Clearscope’s competitive analysis tab displays readability, word count and content grade for the top articles on that topic. It also links directly to the competitor’s website so you can gain more insight into their page.

You can also examine the term map, which displays keywords used by similar websites. By assessing each site’s coverage of these terms and ensuring they appear appropriately throughout, you’ll gain insight into whether they have been implemented correctly.

Easy-to-use and ideal for those new to SEO writing, this program provides straightforward guidelines that anyone can comprehend and apply.

Small businesses will benefit from using this program, as it enables them to generate more content in less time. Furthermore, it is compatible with popular workspaces like Google Docs and WordPress.


Semrush’s most useful feature is position tracking, which lets you monitor your website’s rankings for specific keywords. This provides insight into how well your content performs on search engines and how well it competes against rivals.

It also provides a suite of tools to help increase your online visibility and expand your audience, such as site auditing, link building and social media analysis.

Semrush offers a host of features, including its ‘content writing assistant’ which offers suggestions to enhance blog posts and pages. This tool checks for readability and optimizes titles according to Google’s standards.

Another useful feature is the ‘link building’ section, which enables you to set up outreach campaigns to acquire backlinks from high-quality sites. Furthermore, its ‘broken links’ module provides a list of outgoing and incoming links that have been broken or removed.

Semrush provides an abundance of data that may seem overwhelming at first glance, but the platform is designed with clarity in mind and data visualizations make it much simpler to comprehend.

Keyword intent data is provided as another helpful metric when selecting keywords for a project. This info identifies keyword suggestions that are informational, navigational, commercial or transactional in nature — making them more pertinent to your business and more likely to yield profits for you.

Domain analysis is a crucial feature of Semrush, making it simple to keep an eye on your competitor’s websites. Simply enter a domain and view its ranking data as well as any links pointing towards it – providing an excellent starting point for competitor analysis that can be combined with other modules in the tool to reverse-engineer their SEO strategy.


Surfer is an all-inclusive content writing tool designed to optimize your work for search engine optimization (SEO). Utilizing machine learning technology, Surfer analyzes content based on search engine result pages, guaranteeing that you create material which meets Google’s expectations.

It provides comprehensive data on keyword density, on-page optimization factors and more. Furthermore, you can group keywords together into topic clusters – an excellent way to plan your content strategy months in advance.

Surfer’s content editor is another key benefit, helping you write and edit content quickly. This can be especially beneficial if you’re under pressure to produce high-quality material quickly.

The tool’s content editor can assist you in optimizing your content by identifying any issues such as too many keywords, page length, word count and more. It also provides suggestions on how to address these concerns.

For instance, if you’re aiming for a certain keyword density, it will tell you whether the target is too low or high and how to avoid “keyword stuffing”. Furthermore, it provides guidance on increasing your target word count.

One of the great things about Surfer is its flexibility and affordability compared to other tools. Pricing starts at just $49 per month for the basic plan or $59 if you pay annually.

Content editor is a revolutionary tool for those aiming to boost their SEO ranking by producing quality content that adheres to Google’s guidelines. Additionally, it features tools for auditing existing content and quickly creating concise outlines. Recently, Search Console data was integrated into their platform; this provides useful ideas on how to enhance existing pieces such as internal link opportunities or new articles.